• De'Andra Miller

Suspects Connected with Thefts at Minot State Arrested

Individuals — not associated with the Minot State campus — who were committing theft on MSU campus were recently apprehended in Grand Forks after committing similar crime at the University of North Dakota campus.

At MSU, the individuals committed thefts in Memorial and Swain over the course of a few days.

“They would send a woman, aged about 35-40 to walk into buildings and check for unoccupied offices,” Gary Orloff, Director of Safety and Security at Minot State, said. “Sometimes it would take as little as 13 seconds for her to slip in and out.”

Security on campus used the surveillance cameras to track the thieves’ activities and found that they were mainly targeting faculty and staff offices.

“We involved Minot PD immediately,” Orloff said. “We found they were targeting debit and credit cards in order to go straight to local stores and make purchases.”

This realization led to them getting the local retail stores involved and on the lookout for the thieves as well.

After a string of thefts at Minot State, the thieves were caught in Grand Forks at a store and arrested after committing theft on the UND campus. MSU security is now working closely UND PD to recover stolen property, as the thieves targeted purses and wallets.

“The nice thing, the silver-lining, is that issues with theft are from people off-campus — not students, faculty, or staff,” Orloff said.

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