• Kayce Francis-Dodgen

Recent Thefts on Campus

There have recently been a number of thefts on campus where the person(s) in question have stolen laptops, purses, and other personal belongings from professor’s offices in both Swain and Memorial Hall. It is important to ensure all of your personal belongings are either with you or in a locked room to limit the opportunity someone may have of obtaining your personal belongings. There have not been any reports of cars on campus being targeted but to be safe always ensure the doors are locked and no personal items are in clear sight. If students are walking on campus and see someone in the office of a professor they know that appears to be alone or something just doesn’t feel quite right you can contact Campus Security at 701-500-2423. However, if the idea of calling campus security directly is uncomfortable look for a faculty member and notify them immediately.

If you see something say something!

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