• Calli Delsman

90th Anniversary of Minot State’s Homecoming

This year marks Minot State’s 90th Homecoming. With many different events throughout the week, they all lead up to the parade and Minot State football game on Saturday, Sept. 22.

“Homecoming has been a staple with Minot State for 90 years now, so that’s a very strong tradition — more than some of the other schools around us have,” Janna McKechnie, director of alumni and annual giving, said.

There are many events that go on around campus throughout the week, but there are also events for the community and returning alumni during the week.

“Student activities host quite a few events that are specifically for students. Tuesday night they have a free movie and Wednesday night is coronation which is a community thing, but it’s for students and some different things like that. They host a dance, and they’ll do free food that week and things like that,” McKechnie said. “I think that our view of homecoming is similar to students and I think that may be a little bit of a misconception. Like, we want you guys and the students to have a really good time, and we want them to go to all the events, and we want them to be a part of the campus, and to be a part of the community that is here, and we want you to experience that,” McKechnie said.

Although the events and football game are the main marks of Homecoming, there is another reason why McKechnie enjoys this time of year.

“I want them (alumni) to come to basketball games or go to the plays. I want them to be a part of this,” McKechnie said about alumni. “For me, this is probably one of the easiest times of year for me and the alumni just because it is so easy to engage them and to have them be a part of the campus.”

Saturday, Sept. 22 the parade will start at 11 a.m. with tailgating and food provided by First Assembly of God Church ahead of the football game. The Minot State football team will kick off at 2 p.m. against the University of Minnesota Crookston.

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