• Katie Ingerson

Intramural Sports Available for Students, Faculty, and Staff

There are a number of opportunities for students to participate in intramural sports at Minot State. This semester, students can participate in six different intramural sports. Cornhole, kickball, and ultimate frisbee run now through October, and basketball, bowling, and volleyball run from October through the end of the semester. There will also be more options, yet to be determined, in the spring.

“If there are suggestions that students want to make known for the future, they can certainly bring that forward to the Wellness Center,” Ben Helland, the intramural coordinator on campus, said.

Intramural sports take place once a week, and on average, the games will take about one hour. In addition, students can suggest tournament ideas that can be organized.

“We’re always open to doing one-day or two-day tournament events. If there’s something that a lot of students are showing interest in that they want to do a tournament of, we can always put that together,” Helland said.

Students can find all information about intramural sports and sign up at the front desk of the Wellness Center. Participants can come with their team already formed or sign up individually and find a team that way.

“If you don’t have a team, you can still sign up and you will be added to a team if someone is down a player,” Helland said.

Intramurals are also open up to Minot State faculty and staff for the first time, so they can play alongside or against students. Intramural sports create opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to be more active on campus, both socially and physically.

“It’s really good for building relationships on campus. You get to meet a lot more people from all classes and courses of study. Everyone from freshman to seniors participate, so it really gets you out there and exposed to everybody. It’s a cool way to be competitive, have fun, and be active with your peers,” Helland said.

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