• Yun Ji Nam

Bearscat Bakehouse Opens in Minot

Doughnuts, in their simplest form, are ring-shaped desserts with a glaze or frosting, but this is not true for Bearscat Bakehouse. Bearscat (pronounced bear-scat) Bakehouse, a well-loved doughnut shop, gained popularity in Bismarck and Mandan has finally come to Minot; and it serves fresh doughnuts and coffees every morning starting at 6 a.m.

“The doughnuts are fun. They are serious business here,” said Amy Burger, who is working in customer services at Bearscat Bakehouse. “Just call me a doughnut lady.” The doughnut shop is simple and clean, and most importantly, sells some tasty doughnuts.

“My favorites are the regular doughnuts: almond doughnuts and Bearscats,” Burger said. The Bearscat is a signature chocolate doughnut of Bearscat Bakehouse. The shop’s eccentric and fun name attracts a lot of customers, especially college students.

“The doughnut is good. It’s kind of crunchy on the outside but very soft on the inside.” Faith Babadi, a senior MSU student said, after trying the Bearscat. The delicious doughnut gave the shop the very name Bearscat Bakehouse.

“My friend who started the franchise in Bismarck named the shop. He’s got a creative brain that never shuts down,” Jodie Feist, the manager of the bakehouse said. “The customers joke around about the name and ask me how can one name a doughnut shop after bear poop. I say to them, ‘you guys say it every time you come in here!’”

According to Feist, it seems as though the fun name of the shop attracts more and more customers. The name Bearscat is actually derived from a cowboy term bearscat, which essentially means a doughnut.

Other than the signature “Bearscat” doughnuts, Feist recommends the shop’s old-fashioned doughnuts to the college students.

“Sour cream and glazed doughnuts are my favorite.” Feist said. Old-fashioned cake doughnuts are essentially way more dense and less puffier than the regular doughnuts such as the Bearscat. Either way, the taste is guaranteed.

“We get a mixture of everybody here. We have been getting college students, but we are getting everybody. Young, old, all types,” Feist said.

Minot resident, Sharon Wickes, expressed her great satisfaction over the Minot’s new doughnut shop.

“I’ve never been here, so I thought that I’d try it out. I had the Bearscat, and they taste so nice! I think it will do well.”

Wickes added her opinion about Minot not having a variety of doughnut shops to try out; many MSU students feel this sentiment as well. Semurana Falealii, graduate student at MSU, said that she is excited for the new doughnut shop to open in Minot.

“I love doughnuts. I cannot afford the luxury to buy doughnuts everyday, but I love them. Maybe the shop will provide a good competition with Tim Hortons. Maybe Tim Horton will knock down a few prices from now on,” Falealii said.

The Bearscat Bakehouse is open from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m

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