• Kellie Sink

Minot State University Launches New Taglines and Logo

Minot State University has a new logo and new taglines. Since 2006, the university tagline read, “Be seen. Be heard.” Through rebranding with Flint Group of Fargo, the university expanded its messaging through more taglines: “Belong,” “Be inspired,” “Be empowered,” and “Be You.”

“We thought with enrollment challenges and coming off the flood, it was just time to look for a new fresh Minot State University,” Teresa Loftesnes, Minot State marketing director said.

Part of the process of rebranding included finding out what constituents had to say about the university.

“We needed to reaffirm our position with our current students, our campus, and the community,” Loftesnes said.

The marketing department spent from November to January organizing and bringing groups together after completing several surveys in regards to faculty, staff, and student satisfaction — along with strategic planning and marketing planning.

“From there, they (Flint Group) proposed tagline options for us and so we went back and forth for about eight weeks on ‘no, yes, maybe, ect.,’” Loftesnes said.

Initial proposals didn’t satisfy faculty, staff, or students on campus, so Loftesnes sat down with the Student Government Association to hear their input.

“They said, ‘Why are we changing it, we love “Be seen. Be heard.”’ And they gave me all kinds of examples that night — I remember I was in this room (The Westlie Room) and thought, ‘OK, they want to put “Be seen. Be heard.” back on the list for consideration.’” Loftesnes recalled.

The additional taglines offer flexibility according to Loftesnes. At faculty and staff convocation at the beginning of the academic year, students, faculty, and staff shared personal stories connected to each tagline. The intent is that the stories told by those first six will be remembered and passed along, invoking stories from more students to provide a new voice for the University.

“It was absolutely a hit,” Loftesnes said. “We want more stories to tell. We had really moved away in the last three to four years from this voice of the campus so that was the other reason to bring everybody back and reaffirm who we are. That we are a campus that’s just the right size, people know each other. Whether in the classroom or in the Beaver Dam, or working downtown, you see someone in a Minot State University shirt and you’re proud and you’ll stop and talk to them and visit.”

Since the new tagline was announced, the marketing department is working on

creating videos for TV and social media — pushing them via YouTube, the big screen during the football games, and in the Dome for volleyball and basketball games.

“We will be able to make that connection again, make the alums feel like, ‘I had a great experience there, I want students to have the kind of experiences I had,’” Loftesnes said

Along with a new tagline, Minot State also developed a new logo that was designed by the publications and designs services team for Minot State — Doreen Wald, Amanda Francis, and Roxi Mathis.

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