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Texas natives at MSU reflect on Hurricane Harvey

The masses of rain caused by Hurricane Harvey left tens of thousands of people in Houston, Texas, homeless. Entire districts and streets were cut off, leaving some people with only what they could carry.

Minot State students Cameron Wilson and Brileigh Boyce, both from the greater Houston area, reflected on what loved ones, still in Texas, are facing.

Wilson, a junior, said his family was able to move in with his grandmother, who lives in Katy, Texas, but was not flooded. Wilson's family had access to a grocery store, but supplies were limited.

"My friends got supplies at different stores to stock up," Boyce said. "Many stores sold out of bottled water extremely fast."

Being away is difficult for both Wilson and Boyce, and they try to talk to friends and family daily, but not being able to help is hard.

"As a broke college student, I can't do anything," Wilson said.

One of Wilson's friends lost everything when he left his home with only a backpack. Now he's helping others in the same situation.

"It's been cool seeing people who've lost everything still willing to help," Wilson said of seeing social media posts.

In addition to major disaster relief organizations, celebrities are also calling for support for hurricane recovery.

"There are a lot of donations but one that really touched me was the J.J. Watt's foundation that reached $30 million after Jimmy Fallon donated to help Hurricane Harvey victims," Boyce said.

Wilson wants people here to know donations are needed.

"Any help is good help," Wilson said.

Donations can be made directly to Harvey relief through the American Red Cross.

All five living former U.S. presidents came together to form the One America Appeal. Donations can be made through that website to help communities in Texas, as well as those in Florida devastated by Hurricane Irma, rebuild.

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