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Technology upgrades made to classrooms

Over the summer, 22 classrooms in Model and Hartnett were renovated from analog to digital, and eight are in the process of being completed.

"For students, this means that they'll have a clearer understanding of what's going on; the equipment that's in the classroom will be able to teach them better," George Withus, computer support services director at Minot State, said. "For faculty, it'll make them spend less time trying to figure out the equipment and more time teaching."

Sophomore Nacion Reese agreed that these renovations will help improve education.

"I think it'll help my education because it provides better understanding instead of doing stuff old fashioned," Reese said.

Before renovations occurred in these classrooms, technology was working as fast since computer were running on analog, which is a single, slower signal. Moving to digital, a faster signal, means faster internet and clearer pictures that appear quicker.

Minot State is gradually making all the classrooms the same, so that when professors go into a different classroom, they are all using the same equipment.

Scott Kast, chair and assistant professor of math and computer science, teaches in Model Hall. He said he didn't see much of a change after having his classroom renovated, but he did noticed things working differently for some.

"I know that most of our computers were getting pretty old, and now they're so much faster," Kast said.

Kast also believed that these renovations would help improve the education for students since they won't be waiting for screen images to load, and the students will most likely be able to see what's on the screens a little bit better by having clearer text.

Kast said it will take some time for everyone on campus to adjust to the new equipment.

"They [professors] also have to get used to the new technology, too, so there are growing pains when you go from what you had before to what it is now," he said.

Minot State is working to eventually upgrade all 117 classrooms on campus.

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