• Andrea Orta-Diaz

Dome floor gets upgrades and new court design

The MSU Dome floor sports a new court design; photo by Andrea Orta-Diaz

The Minot State Dome is looking shiny and new after renovations were made to the volleyball and basketball court flooring over the summer.

While general maintenance was right on schedule after ten years, the process started off with a surprise – replacing a hundred and fourteen broken boards. In the end, the floor was repaired, sanded, and then repainted, which ensures the court remains not only spotless, but feels it too.

Minot State’s signature beaver M was replaced by an updated beaver decal, outlined in bright red.

“The last [logo] was used for 10-12 years, [we were] just looking to brighten the floor and change the visual,” Andy Carter, Director of Athletics, said.

The process started in late July and was first used by the volleyball team in late August. In total, the renovations took five weeks to complete.

The $25,000 budget was made possible by the revenue made from renting out the dome facilities—mainly the High School State B Boys Basketball Tournament. Carter said that during the school year, revenue made from ticket sales and rental fees cover ongoing projects and maintenance within the Dome.

A future project is replacing the 10,000 seats within the Dome that surround the basketball and volleyball court. The Minot City Council’s Community Development Committee made this possible with a $1 million grant. Minot State will raise the addition $1 million through private donations to complete the project. Carter estimates that the project will start within twelve to eighteen months.

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