• Jerusalem Tukura

R&G Editorial: The undo challenge

Since the start of the month of November, I challenged myself to stay clear of the undo button. For the past few months, I had been pondering on our generation and how quick we are at making decisions, some of which we end up regretting. For this reason, I posed several questions. Could it be that our technology-entrenched lives play some role in our decision-making? Could it be that the speed at which we make decisions and risk-taking behavior directly correlates with frequent use of the undo button?

According to Nielsen, a global information, data, and measurement company, we spend about 9 hours and 39 minutes interacting with some form of technological device. (Side note: This is way more time than people spend sleeping.)

In the past, I have found myself making decisions hastily with the thought that I could change my mind at anytime. A short while into the thought, I realize that I, in fact, cannot undo my action. The decisons I make in the real world are nothing like the ones I make in the virtual world. In our world, when I make decisions, I am stuck with them, and the consequences.

The purpose of this challenge is to instill diligence and thoughtfulness. It is important to think before taking action. Not having the option to undo things, for most people, would require stepping out of your comfrot zone. This challenge is not for the faint at heart.

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