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Art professor releases book

Micah Bloom, associate professor of art at Minot State University, moved to Minot during the 2011 flood. Debris from the flood inspired photography, a film, an exhibit, and a book, all titled “Codex.”

Bloom started taking pictures of books that had been washed away or strewn through the trees by the flood.

Bloom emphasized the significance seeing these books had to him.

"The books looked like bodies that were just laying about ... there was this reaction of, ‘Oh no. This is not right. Someone has to do something,’” Bloom recalled.

The project started as Bloom photographing the books but expanded into the massive project of moving the books into a studio to evaluate, catalog, and tag them. With the help of more than 20 students and staff members, the team documented more than 700 books.

In 2012, Bloom started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the necessary costs of making the film.

Bloom primarily teaches drawing and painting classes, so the film was out of his "comfort zone."

"It was really different for me because my training is in painting and drawing, but it didn't seem like those (painting and drawing) were the story,” Bloom said. “I wanted a time-based medium that you could see the books going to winter to spring."

In addition, three versions of the “Codex” book were created — a paperback trade book, an e-book, and a larger tabletop version of the book. All three books contain multiple essays focusing on “Codex” and its concepts. The e-book and tabletop book contain color-true pictures taken during the project.

The e-book and a 20-minute-cut or 40-minute-cut of the film are available online at TheDigitalPress.org/Codex/. The paperback will be available to order soon and those interested in the tabletop book should contact Bloom at Micah.Bloom@MinotStateU.edu.

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