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Wellness Center offers free fitness to MSU students

Student trainer Brody Myers, a senior corporate fitness major (left) works with freshman Brooke Collins.  The training sessions are part of the personal training methods class.

The MSU Wellness Center is serious about student health. Roughly 40 percent of current MSU students use the Wellness Center, and this number continues to increase every year according to Paul Brekke, director of the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center offers strength training, cardio, rock wall climbing, Group X classes, and intramurals. For students wanting to embrace their spiritual side, there is space and a class for that, too. The good news is that they are all free of charge to students.

“You get a really good workout, and it’s worth the hour of your time,” Rachel Burdette, a graduate student at MSU said about the group classes.

Total wellness is a lifestyle these days and it is more complex than just the physical side. Everyone is uniquely different and has different goals in what defines wellness for them. According to Brekke, wellness will affect every area of life contributing to a happier, well-lived life.

“Student health is important to everybody whether we realize it or not,” Brekke said. “It affects us. If we go back to the wellness wheel and those dimensions, whether we realize it or not, at some point in our lives, all those dimensions will impact us.”

The eight dimensions of wellness are physical, social, environmental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and multicultural. They work hand in hand toward a holistic approach to wellness.

MSU students majoring in corporate fitness, physical education, and athletic training teach some of the free classes offered. The teaching experience provides real-world experience and helps them earn their instructor credentials.

Jade Teske, a senior majoring in physical education and corporate fitness, teaches a class to students.

“My favorite class to teach is my Tabata class, which is a HIIT workout, high-intensity interval training,” Teske said. “It feels great to help people live a healthier lifestyle.”

Teske hopes to someday be a golf coach and teach fitness classes internationally.

Anyone needing help getting started or just wanting to work on a specific goal can connect with the Wellness Center to schedule a personal training session for a nominal fee. Twenty dollars will get you one session, which is half of the usual fee in other gyms according to Brekke.

Chantel Turner, an MSU sophomore and National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer, gets excited when she sees clients reach their goals.

“It’s amazing, I always wanted to help people and to see that they’re doing better and eating healthy, it’s rewarding. It’s a very rewarding job,” Turner said.

Turner has a passion for powerlifting. She offers intro courses or will customize a workout plan for individuals.

“It depends on what your goals are, that’s what I gear your workout plan toward,” she said.

The Wellness Center staff actively promotes wellness to students by going into the classrooms, residence halls, and club fairs on campus.

Anyone interested in attending a class or seeking a personal trainer should visit the Wellness Center for more information or consult the center’s Facebook page for a list of classes and times.

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