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Student Spotlight: Cera Pignet


For Minot State University senior art student Cera Pignet, art has always been something she’s enjoyed while growing up in Minot.

“I’ve always liked drawing, it’s been a huge part of my life. I’ve drawn almost every day since I was a little kid,” Pignet said.

After spending her freshman year at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Pignet transferred to Minot State her sophomore year and has taken advantage of her opportunities to grow as an artist.

“I got more attention from professors at MSU to help me become a better artist,” Pignet said. “They forced me to branch out a lot. I started out as a graphic design major, and I went through my loop of bookmaking, printmaking, ceramics, beadwork, and weaving. I eventually landed back on illustration, which has been my passion.”

Pignet plans to use her senior exhibition to highlight the benefits of having art classes in schools.

“I am making a series of 20 to 25 posters that are promoting art and education. There’s hardly any statistics that say art is super important, and that bums me out. If I hadn’t taken art, my life would be completely different,” Pignet said. “Each poster is an illustration of someone working on some kind of art being music, theater, physical art, and then there’s going to be some quote, fact, or statistic on the poster that talks about why art is important.”

Pignet is passionate about her project and excited to get her posters out for everyone to see.

“I’m digitally printing them all and I’m handing them out. I want to give them away to teachers and to people in the community. I want people to hang them in their rooms,” Pignet said. “I want people to know that art is way more important than people think. Maybe that one quote or that one saying or statistic on that poster is going to get another student to participate in art.”

Pignet’s exhibit runs Dec. 9 through the middle of January at 62 Doors Gallery and Studios in downtown Minot at 11 S. Main Street.

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