• DeAndra Miller

Sports Editorial: Support women's teams

The MSU soccer team has had an exemplary season. With an 8-game winning streak — broken by a draw, the women have surpassed even the highest expectations due to having such a young team this year — the team currently has 11 freshmen and two redshirt freshmen.

A somewhat rocky start to their season began with a win followed by a pair of losses and a draw. The women gained two more wins and losses respectively before falling into a flow that worked and earned them their long winning streak. This streak culminated with a win over the No. 13 ranked team, University of Minnesota Mankato, where the women succeeded, 2-1.

MSU soccer has been a dominating factor in the past few years. The women sported 16 wins in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

With a sports team this good on campus, supporting students, faculty, and others from the community should be lining the stands in droves. Instead, the women’s many wins are met with empty seats. Considering the level of encouragement seen for men’s teams on campus like basketball, football, and even club hockey, there should be an equal level of turnout for the women’s teams, especially a team that is bringing so much positive attention to the school with their wins. Just the fact that they recently defeated a ranked team is a big deal, and yet the Oct. 29 game had noticeably vacant stands.

The team is competing in the NSIC tournament and one can only hope that people begin to show them the support they deserve.

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