• Jerusalem Tukura

R&G Opinion: Inclusion is more than opportunity

The university’s responses to questions regarding policy on hate speech in the Oct. 26 issue were non-response responses.

The answer, “Education is the best method to promote diversity and inclusion at our university,” is true, but when asked how the university intends to educate students, its response was to create an inclusive environment for all students. Inclusion is not education. There need to be clear statements made as to how the university would educate students on how to include others and why to refrain from engaging in hate speech.

The university does not seem to want to have a stronger voice, nor does it claim to have one, when it comes to hate speech.

MSU also claims to use reported incidents as a “teachable moment,” but does not specify how and only gives the vague response of “creating an inclusive environment” when asked how it educates.

When asked how the university takes initiative in cases where students are afraid of revealing their identity for various reasons, the response was, “Minot State University takes every reported incident seriously and all reported incidents are investigated.” This answer leads one to assume that MSU does not take initiative as they only rely on student reports.

Inclusion is not only being able to eat in the same cafeteria, attend the same classes, or make use of the same student services. Inclusion is ensuring students, like those featured in the “I live color” article (Oct. 26 issue, Red & Green), never to go through those experiences on our campus again and can live here without fear of future incidences.

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