• DeAndra Miller

Sports Editorial: Teams need time

Sports are similar to relationships; teams require chemistry to function properly, and it takes time to build. For example, a quarterback has to build up a certain level of chemistry with his receivers to be most effective. Receivers have to learn their quarterback’s style and habits so that they can anticipate when the ball will be thrown, where the ball will be thrown, and more.

That is only one example, of one position, in an entire team, and the whole team needs chemistry with each other and with the coach. A new coach means a new playbook, and with a new playbook, comes mistakes. The NCAA only allows limited hours for team activities during the week, so even if players have built chemistry, if they have a new coach, they have to change their style of play to fit the new program. Chemistry is everything. Teams need to time to feel out their coaches and fellow players. They need time to adjust to new plays, expectations, and styles that they didn’t have with the coach before that.

Here at Minot State, we have new coaches in football, volleyball, and women’s basketball. They are going to need to build that chemistry. Fans need to give these teams more time. Give them more than a few seasons to get on their feet, give the coach more than a year or two to build that chemistry. Consider

that losing a coach usually also involves losing players the coach recruited. Maybe if we give these teams a little more time, they can become the winning team everyone expects.

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