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Affordable movies close to campus

Oak Park Theater, located at 1500 4th Ave NW, provides discounted admission to movies.  For a list of upcoming shows and times, visit www.oakparktheater.net.

Oak Park Theater is an affordable entertainment option for students, and it’s close to campus. The theater is a cost-friendly way to see newly released films without having to spend all the money of going to a first-run theater. The cost per ticket is only $3 plus snacks and beverages.

Oak Park Theater has multiple movie showings daily, plus a number of other entertainment options for community members.

“Usually we have been running up to four, sometimes even five films on a single screen,” Allan Schon, owner of the theater, said. “With the digital projector, we are able to put a lot of movies in.”

The theater generally has movies running at 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. daily, but adjustments are made to show times depending on the run time of each film.

Oak Park Theater has a long history in Minot, opening in 1961 as a first run theater. It closed in 1980. The building briefly housed a church and later a pool hall. In 2000, it was remodeled back to a theater showing discount movies until being flooded in 2011. Schon was the general manager of the theater prior to the flood and then took over ownership after the flood and began construction to rebuild in June of 2016. Oak Park Theater reopened in February 2017.

“I had no idea that we were going to reopen,” Schon said. “I thought I was going to be done totally, but the opportunity came up where I got into it, and they called and asked if I could put the business together, and I couldn’t say no.”

In addition to movie showings, Oak Park Theater also provides other entertainment options including sensory films, small venue concerts, and the ability to rent out the space for private events. NFL football games are shown on the big screen on Monday nights. The family-friendly, no alcohol football showings are free and open to everyone.

“We just open it [Monday Night Football showings] up to buying pizza and popcorn and that type of thing. We get a lot of families with kids coming in,” Schon said.

Schon hopes Oak Park Theater provides a community gathering place and good popcorn to the people of Minot.

“It’s a community theater,” Schon said. “The community has given so much to this place. They do a lot of donations through both organizations and individual people. I’d like to see this used as a community and family type of entertainment center.”

Oak Park Theater is located at 1500 4th Ave. NW, across from Oak Park. For a list of upcoming show times, visit www.oakparktheater.net.

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