• DeAndra Miller

Sports Editorial: NFL sacrifices talent to avoid backlash

The football season is now in full swing and the league has still not found a place in its heart, or on its roster, for Colin Kaepernick.

As a Florida native, it was devastating to see that the Miami Dolphins decided to sign Jay Cutler who spent the 2016 season riding the bench for the Chicago Bears.

With only a 2 percent better passing record and a significantly deficient rush game compared to Kaepernick, the Dolphins could have done better. Take into consideration that Kaepernick has had a shorter career and has at least managed to bring his team to a Super Bowl and it is easy to see the better option.

The recent signing of Brandon Weeden over Kaepernick to the Tennessee Titans has been another obvious misstep in the league. Since Kaepernick has a similar play style to Marcus Mariota, currently out with a hamstring injury, it would have made sense for him to have been at the top of the Titans list; however, they did not even consider him.

Maybe the league would rather suffer from lesser talent than support a player’s right to free speech and protest.

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